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Sat Aug 29 13:18:50 EDT 2015

Hi Aldona,

I'm not sure I understand your question.  From what I understand you are

1) assuming that the triton and CTAB are perfectly mixed?
2) you are using natural abundance of isotopes (you are not using special
isotopes like C13 etc)

This means that the only thing unknown is the density of your mixutre of
surfactants.  You could try to measure with a densitometer or just assume
that the density is the average.  This last should be a pretty good guess
since the densities are almost the same from what you say (1.1 and 1.07).

if you click on the help button, the first "tip" under "Specifying the
Compound Name" tells you exactly what to do once you have the density.

C19H42BrN+C14H22O(C2H4O)9  for your 1:1 or
2C19H42BrN+C14H22O(C2H4O)9 for your 2:1 etc

As for adding it to the fitting, we currently to not support automatically
inserting the result into any SLD parameter so you would need to copy paste
the number into the appropriate SLD parameter of the model you are using.
for example for the cylindre model that would presumably be sldCyl.

I hope this helps but may have misinterpreted your question


On Sat, Aug 29, 2015 at 11:12 AM, Aldona Rajewska <zaldona24 at ...10...>

> 29 August 2015
> Dear Sir (Madam),
> please help me-
>   I have problem with understanding SLD calculator tool ( SasView 3.1.0 ).
> From help for SLD calculator I have information that:
> I have such mixtures of two  surfactants in D2O ( SANS experiment):
> 1:1 [0.022mol/l (TX-100)+ 0.022mol/l (CTAB) in D2O
> 2:1 [0.044mol/l (TX-100)+ 0.022mol/l (CTAB) in D2O
> 3:1 [0.066mol/l (TX-100)+ 0.022mol/l (CTAB) in D2O
> 1:1 [1.294%(TX-100)+0.7289%(CTAB)]=2%
> 2:1 [2.588%(TX-100)+0.7289%(CTAB)]=3.4%
> 3:1 [3.882%(TX-100)+0.7289%(CTAB)]=4.6%
> CTAB = C19H42BrN    with molar mass=364.45g/mol ; density=1.1g/cm3
> TX-100=C14H22O(C2H4O)n  n=9 ; molar mass=647g/mol ;density=1.07g/cm3
> Please help me if it possible and write correct - as example for one from
> these systems -  SLD for calculator in  SasView program.
> And the next question - when and how I must add this result ( these
> results for all my next files) during fitting my files.
>      Aldona Rajewska
> email: zaldona24 at ...10...
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