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Sat Aug 29 11:12:24 EDT 2015

29 August 2015
Dear Sir (Madam),
please help me-
  I have problem with understanding SLD calculator tool ( SasView 3.1.0 ). >From help for SLD calculator I have information that: 
 I have such mixtures of two  surfactants in D2O ( SANS experiment): 1:1 [0.022mol/l (TX-100)+ 0.022mol/l (CTAB) in D2O2:1 [0.044mol/l (TX-100)+ 0.022mol/l (CTAB) in D2O3:1 [0.066mol/l (TX-100)+ 0.022mol/l (CTAB) in D2O 1:1 [1.294%(TX-100)+0.7289%(CTAB)]=2%2:1 [2.588%(TX-100)+0.7289%(CTAB)]=3.4%
3:1 [3.882%(TX-100)+0.7289%(CTAB)]=4.6%
CTAB = C19H42BrN    with molar mass=364.45g/mol ; density=1.1g/cm3
TX-100=C14H22O(C2H4O)n  n=9 ; molar mass=647g/mol ;density=1.07g/cm3
Please help me if it possible and write correct - as example for one from these systems -  SLD for calculator in  SasView program.
And the next question - when and how I must add this result ( these results for all my next files) during fitting my files.    
     Aldona Rajewska
email: zaldona24 at ...10...
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